Welcome to the
SRLabs Hacking Challenge

SRLabs Hacking Challenge will run for 30 days, from TODO to TODO.It includes 3 challenges, all inspired by our work. The categories are Telco, Crypto, and Pwn.We offer prizes for the first TODO solutions on each challenge, and TODO best writeups published after the Hacking Challenge is over.We may hold other iterations of the Hacking Challenge in the future, follow us on TODO to be notified!To find a team, report issues with the infrastructure or the challenges, and all other communication, please join our Discord!

All the unique challenges are developed by our hackers for hackers, inspired by our work.

⏰ Hacking Challenge is over!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SRLabs?

SRLabs is home to knowledge leaders in the areas of telco security, IoT hardware hacking, and much more. They focus on knowledge sharing and continuous learning – achieved through research combined with the selection of interesting client projects that position them at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies.

Where is the event?

The CTF event will take place online.

What kinds of challenges will there be?

Challenges will span a variety of categories:

- Crypto
- Telco
- Pwn

Do I need to send a write up?

You are not required to but more then welcome! The Top 5 write ups will receive a surprise gift from SRLabs. Please send your write ups to

How long will the challenge run?

The challenge will be available for a month long from 08/21/2023 until 09/21/2023.

Do I need to play in teams or individuals?

You can participate as an individual or in teams. If you don't have a team, hop onto our Discord channel to find one.

What is a flag and how do I capture it?

A flag is a text string that looks like this: SRLABS{secret_code_here}. By solving the challenges you will obtain this text string and submit it into the scoring system in order to receive points for the solve.

What is the submission deadline?

You will have a month, starting at 08/21/2023, to access and solve all challenges as you wish.

What tools might I need?

Patience and a search engine of your choice. :)